Elgin County - Non-Denominational Churches

Name Address PhoneTimes
Chester St Christian Fellowship10-A Chester St(519) 633-4780
Faith Community Church300 South Edgeware Rd(519) 637-2377Sunday School 9:30am Worship 10:30am 6:30pm
Mc Brides Christian Fellowship ChurchRR#1 Shedden(519) 764-2108

Elgin County - Penticostal Assemblies of Canada

Name Address PhoneTimes
Penticostal Assembly144 Wellington St(519) 633-3810

Elgin County - Presbyterian Churches

Name Address PhoneTimes
Alma Street Presbyterian Church94 Kains St(519) 631-9408
Knox Presbyterian ChurchHincks St(519) 631-2414
Knox Presbyterian Church162 Nancy St, Dutton(519) 762-0040
Port Stanley Presbyterian Church238 Colborne St, Port Stanley(519) 782-3902
St. Andrews Presbyterian ChurchWallacetown(519) 762-3444

Elgin County - ReOrganised Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

Name Address PhoneTimes
ReOrganised Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints105 Fairview St(519) 633-1270

Elgin County - Roman Catholic

Name Address PhoneTimes
Holy Angel's Church502 Talbot St(519) 631-3052Saturday 4:30pm Sunday 9:00am 11:00am
St. Anne's Church20 Morrison Dr(519) 631-3640Saturday 4:30pm Sunday 9:00am 11:00am
St. Joseph's ChurchPort Stanley(519) 631-3052Sunday 10:00am

Elgin County - Salvation Army

Name Address PhoneTimes
Salvation Army Comunity Services and Thrift Store380 Elm St(519) 631-6202Sunday 11:00am 6:30pm

Elgin County - Seventh Day Adventist

Name Address PhoneTimes
Seventh Day Adventists Church380 Manor Rd(519) 633-4434

Elgin County - United Church

Name Address PhoneTimes
Bethany United Chuch165 North Talbot Rd(519) 764-2668
Central United Chuch135 Wellington St(519) 631-3503Sunday 10:30am (10:00am Jul-Aug)
First United Chuch7 Curtis St(519) 631-7570
Grace United Chuch14 Balaclava St(519) 631-7096
Port Stanley United ChuchColborne, Port Stanley(519) 782-4288
St. Andrews United Chuch60 West St(519) 631-4558
St. John's United Chuch179 Nancy St, Dutton(519) 762-3411
St. Mark's United Chuch38 Aldoborough Ave(519) 631-5705
Sparta United ChuchKing St(519) 775-2778
Union United ChuchUnion(519) 631-5898

Last update 03-2-19